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How to join UKPOC, it's FREE!

UKPOC is an online club primarily, although we do have many meets around the country each year and attend a lot of shows too.

Joining is very easy!

All you need do is click the UKPOC Forums link above, and register a username and password, you will receive an email (AOL and some other ISP, look in your spam folder if you can't find it), click the link contained in it, and you are a member!

All new members are activated by one of the Admin team, so please be patient, as your activation may take a little while.

If you wish to become a FULL OFFICIAL MEMBER, rather than a FORUM MEMBER, you can purchase one years full membership, by following the link on the Forum once Registered. This will gain you an Official Member forum title.

Please note, forum rules are strictly enforced, so please abide by them!

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