Lime Green 16V in need of some TLC

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el plates
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Lime Green 16V in need of some TLC

Post by el plates » Mon Nov 02, 2020 7:14 am

Morning All,

Yes the title is correct, she's Lime Green.

(The Car , not Sebcakes....)

Met up with Sebcakes last week,
(lovely to meet you, as you can see from the post, i will see what i can help you with....)

The poor old 16V is looking a bit worse for wear, so we need to sort some of the issues out.

Firstly i have been handed 4 semi dead batteries to charge and test.

So my first question, do the 16V and the 24V share the same battery?
I would imagine yes, but wanted to ask as i am not familiar with 16V questions,

(note to self, should pay more attention).

secondly, if they do what are the specifics.

size? battery code? cold cranking number?

I ask because the batteries that i have are a bit different and certainly not from Halfords,
and i want to check that they are up to the job.

Lastly a battery check is not just recharge and put a volt tester on.
can any one explain what i need to ensure that i test the battery fully.

Many thanks.

all answers will go towards keeping a rare probe colour on the road....
and it does turn heads .

Many thanks


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Re: Lime Green 16V in need of some TLC

Post by Micron » Mon Nov 02, 2020 9:50 am

Have a look here for the specs of the battery

As for testing them, just putting a digital meter on will do nothing, as it's not loading it. You need to load the battery to test it, if you have a local car spare shop near you, they might have a tester and test them for you?
There will be testers out there, but you might be able to make something yourself, just do a bit of research.

However the question should be why are there so many batteries, is there something on the car draining them, you can put the meter inline on amps to check for any current draw when it's not being used, but DO NOT START THE CAR with the meter inline on amps
It might be easier to just buy a new one?

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Re: Lime Green 16V in need of some TLC

Post by mojo98 » Mon Nov 02, 2020 10:48 am

I buy the same battery for 16v as a 24v and I alway buy the AM058L battery

I'm with Trevor need the put load on the battery to check
I do have a ctek battery charger/conditioner, it also let's you know if the battery is u/s, by during charging if the battery won't charge it shows a fault light

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