Avatars and Sig Pics

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Avatars and Sig Pics

Post by UKPOC Admin » Tue Jan 27, 2009 7:57 am

Here's some infor about Avatars and Signature Pics.

AVATAR, this is displayed under your forum name, you can add/upload an avatar directly from your PC.

Maximum size for Avatars is set at 90x90 pixels and no larger then 25kb, so you may need to resize it to meet these requirements, if your chosen avatar is within the stated size.

Choose the file where you keep your pics, find the one you want and click on it, next click "open" you will now see the file path in your avatar " browse" box, then click "submit"


SIG PICS, this is a picture/image that lays at the bottom, under your text that you type

These need to be hosted elsewhere, most use http://www.photobucket.com its "free" just create an account, up-load your pics to your bucket

This is done in a similar way by clicking "browse" while in your photobucket account, same as before = choose the file / folder then up-load = click "submit"

The maximum sig pic size is 650x200 pixels and 100k or less.

Copy the [IMG] tag. the bottom one, then paste it into your profile in the Sig box.

Anyone needing any help on resizing, any help at all , please feel free to contact a member of staff or Admin.


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