Forum Rules - Full Version

You MUST read and agree BEFORE you register, also any important forum announcements will be stored here after they have been removed from The Snug.
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Forum Rules - Full Version

Post by UKPOC Admin » Tue Jun 19, 2007 10:11 pm

There were too many rules and a few minor holes, here is the new, much shorter version.

As a member of the UKPOC forums you agree to the following terms of use:

1. You act in an adult manner at ALL times. Treat other members as you would wish to be treated yourself. As a forum user, you are a guest on the site, behave as you would as a guest in someone's house.

2. No issues and arguments from other clubs or forums to be brought to this club. Nor do we allow negative discussion of other clubs.

3. You do not post obscene material of ANY nature.

4. Light swearing will be tolerated, but obscene words will be edited without explanation.

5. If you give out your login and pass, or allow any non-member to view the site, then you will be removed immediately and banned for life.

6. UKPOC is about participation, if you do not sign in for a period of 6 months, you may be deactivated.

7. Classified forums. As clearly stated, deals done in these forums are between members and have no guarantee from UKPOC.

8. Use of our forum, especially the private messaging system or emails to entice members to join other clubs or forums is not allowed, and will result in a ban. Additionally the inappropriate use of IP address will also result in a ban.

9. Being a paid member does not give you any 'rights', you can stilll be banned immediately if you break the rules. No refund will be offered.

10. Actions of A MEMBER are the actions of that person ALONE, NOT of the club.

11. Got an issue? Speak to a member of admin, don't complain on the forums or on other forums, sort it out directly with us. We are happy to listen. Slating the club on other forums will result in a ban.

12. UKPOC is a PRIVATELY OWNED club, and as such the owners can adjust these rules as they see fit, without warning to anyone. Staff are appointed by the owner of the club and other admin staff, there is no democratic voting by members for any position or rule, if you cannot accept this way of running, then please do not join.

13. No banners and links for other clubs may be displayed unless they are NON Probe or Mazda related. You may not promote your club here without permission. Posting purely to promote your club, or endless links to it in your posts will result in deletion of the posts, or a ban. Likewise, enticing members to join other forums will see you warned and banned if it happens again.

14. Buying and Selling and not completing the deal in a timely manner (7 days), or claiming 'loss' of items, or other such tactics, will, if repeated, result in a For Sale/Wanted forum ban. Exceptionally bad 'rip offs' will result in a life time ban.

15. Repeatedly selling the same items/type of items/service, etc, more than a regular member would normally sell, is classed as being a Trader and is not permitted in the For Sale section, you may apply to become a Recommended Supplier instead.

16. Asking for pirated software/warez or any similar things will result in instant post removal, no warnings.

17. All meets and events must be discussed with your regional Rep or Admin before anything is posted on the forum. This is to ensure the quality of the event/meet, and to make sure that people are happy with anything they are likely to attend, some may be travelling long distance. This applies to all meetings where members are invited. Joint meets with other clubs or forums are not permitted unless prior arrangment is made.

18. THREE Warnings from Moderators, will see you banned from the forum for 1 month, upon reactivatation, any further warnings will see you banned for a year. Using other peoples accounts, or other people to post on your behalf will see them banned also.

A moderator or admin can at any time remove any of your posts WITHOUT WARNING OR EXPLANATION, for whatever reason they see fit.

If you decide to leave the club, then feel free to do so, however 'exit speeches' will not be tolerated, and will be removed.

This club will NOT be a 'police state', far from it, and is very lightly modereated, but it is not a democracy either, breaking of the rules, or disregard for others will not be tolerated.


Breaking any of the rules may result in a ban for a set time. The length of a ban will be decided and voted on by the moderators and admin.

If the rule broken/your actions/posts, are looked on as severe Admin, may impose a life time ban. There are no grounds for appeal, their decision is final and conversation will not be entered in to.

Thanks for reading and enjoy your time at UKPOC.


maximum = 650x200 pixels, file size limit 200k.

These rules may be updated at any point, without notice.
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Re: Forum Rules - Simplified

Post by UKPOC Admin » Thu Mar 18, 2010 11:13 am

11. Got an issue? Speak to a member of admin, don't complain on the forums or on other forums, sort it out directly with us. We are happy to listen. Slating the club on other forums will result in a ban.
Just bringing this rule to everyones attention again, from now forward, any breaking of this rule will find your account deactivated immediately with no warning.

You'll also find yourself unwelcome at any future UKPOC events, including Probefest.

If you don't like it here, why do you visit? It's very simple really, slating the club on other forums and sites is, frankly, childish, and will no longer be tolerated.

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Re: Forum Rules - Full Version

Post by Micron » Wed Oct 18, 2017 2:36 pm

As we have had a lot of new members join in recent weeks, as well as some that have come back after being away for a period of time, I felt it necessary to bring to everyone's attention the full explanation of the rules and would like to state that they all apply to everyone, whether they are a member, full member, or part of UKPOC staff.

Please read them all carefully and act accordingly.




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