Oil and spark plugs

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Oil and spark plugs

Post by Mada » Fri Apr 10, 2020 12:34 pm

Hi guys,

Looking At doing oil change In the rat probe, it's on roughly 125-130k 2.0 16v

What oil would you recommend with it being older and higher milage?

Also what spark plugs?



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Re: Oil and spark plugs

Post by Sunfly » Sat Apr 11, 2020 12:52 pm

I always put Castrol GTX semi synthetic in my 16v. 285k miles and still no follower noise. Says it all really.

Change it regularly. I used to change at 10,000 mile which equated to about 6 months. Now I only do about 4k per year in my 24v it gets changed every year.

Don't skimp on oil, but I think that any good quality semi synthetic 10w30 will do you.

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Re: Oil and spark plugs

Post by fuerte » Sat Apr 11, 2020 8:27 pm

I use mobil 3000 i think ac delco and another I cannot remembe r I think Shell?.Spark plugs is it nwk irridium..General rule I think chage oil every 3000 mies plus filter.Sorry I keep records for fun but breathing bad tonight so I cannot look it up for you.Will try tommorow.

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